Friday, March 21, 2003
  Sweet Jesus. Just watched Baghdad getting the living shit bombed out of it. Shock and awe, no shit! After looking at that, I'm ready to surrender to the American army! And I'm halfway around the world.

If you want updates on the Hussein ass-kicking also known as Persian Gulf War II - The Revenge of Liberty, I highly recommend that you go to The Command Post. What, you're still here? Get over there, NOW! 
Thursday, March 20, 2003
  Cry Havoc, and Let Slip the Dogs of War!

Since I'm from North Carolina, maybe that quote above should read "dawgs" of war. I get ragged enough about my accent from transplanted Yankees as it is, the Better Half included. Well, war is here. Saddam asked for it, and bubba, he got it. Hope he enjoys it for the little amount of time he has left.

Got to squeeze this in between assignments at work, so I don't think I'll be including links this time around. Forgive me, fellow bloggers, for I have sinned. I will let you (yeah, both of you, why not) decide my penance.

Latest reports indicate that Saddam survived the "target of opportunity" strike last night, but that his son Uday may have been the recipient of our little 2,000 pound love taps. Schweet. Either way, that's one down and two to go. Maybe now someone in a position of power in Iraqistan will see the light and take out Saddam for us. Hey, it could happen!

Just stepped into the kitchen for another cup of joe, and watched live shots from Baghdad, although for the life of me I couldn't see the SAMs streaking into the sky like Wolf Blitzer said he could. I know my eyes are bad, but sheesh! You'd think missle tracks against a cloudy sky would be fairly obvious to see.

Sometimes being a father sucks. I had to try to explain to my three younger sons (12, 11 and 5) that we are at war. Now J, the 12 year old, has the mental capacity of a 7 year old; P, the 11 year old, is emotionally behind; and M, the 5 year old, is a typical 5 year old with the attention span of a goldfish. I would rather take a beating than try to explain something like this to them. Oh, did I mention they are all ADHD? My brain hurt before I left the house for work today. Wish me luck, I'm going to try again tonight to make this make sense to them. I had to explain to them that their older brother, R (also known as Beelzebub), who is joining the Marines as soon as humanly possible, is in no danger at this time. I foresee a long night ahead of yours truly. Maybe I'll just go into caveman mode and try it ("Ugh! Saddam bad! U.S. good! U.S. pound Saddam with club!"). Makes as much sense as anything else at this time.

Sorry about that, my knuckles are sore from dragging the ground. I was accused of being a warmongering fascist a few minutes ago. Working in this bastion of liberalists does have it drawbacks at times.
ET: So how did you deal with it?
Me: Deal with what?
ET: Being accused of being a, how did you put it? A warmongering fascist?
Me: Oh, that. I merely refused to take part in a battle of wits with an unarmed person.
ET: Damn. That was . . . good.
Wednesday, March 19, 2003
  Once again I tread the dangerous waters of (gasp!) political blogging. Understand that my knowledge of politics is extremely limited. I personally consider the vast majority of politicians as nothing better than whores for votes, but what do I know? Maybe I should stick to what I know, but if I did that, I would have exhausted this forum months ago. OK, here goes.

I watched the President's speech the other night. I have no argument with the man; we should have invaded Iraqistan months if not years ago. Then again, I never served in the military (my Better Half, however, is a Vietnam-era AF veteran, so I can get some information from her). I agree that Saddam is a seriously evil man and the sooner we get him out of the picture, the better. Personally, I think we shouldn't have given him 48 hours to "get out of town"; hell, he's had more than 12 years to get his shit together and he still thinks he's untouchable. However, after reading a few war blogs (and no, I can't remember which they were off the top of my head, if I could I'd link to them), I have to admit that the 48 hour deadline could act as a kind of psychological warfare, as in the military chewing their nails waiting for the axe to fall. Hopefully someone in the military will decide to off Saddam and save everyone a lot of time and trouble. If not, we'll be glad to do it for them.

France has basically fallen off the map as far as respect is concerned. Now they're saying that if Iraqistan were to use WMD against coalition troops, they would feel obligated to step in and help the coalition. First, didn't France say that Iraqistan didn't HAVE WMDs? Now they're saying that IF WMDs were used, that would "change the situation entirely?" No shit, Sherlock. It would prove to the world that the government of France consists of flaming assholes that are only concerned with keeping their jobs. Now I don't want Iraqistan to use WMDs against American troops; however, maybe Saddam could be convinced to use one in the oil fields that France is so hot to protect. Then we'll see if France steps in to protect those precious oil wells. France can keep their frigging "soldiers" in France where they can do what they do best: eat snails and drink wine.

Hoo boy, that felt good! It's therapeutic to vent once in a while (or so the Better Half tells me). Think I'll go out for a quick nicotine hit, refill the coffee cup (yep, I'm a caffeine addict also) and get back to work.

Before I go: There are several sites in the blogosphere where you can send a message to the troops to let them know you care. Mike over at Cold Fury (with help from Susana) set up a wonderful site. There's another one at Little Green Footballs, and Emperor Misha has linked to another. Support our troops! Let them know you're thinking about them. 
Tuesday, March 11, 2003
  Nuke 'em All, Let God Sort 'Em Out

I am about ready to resign from the human race and ask NASA to send me on the first Mars lander. Oh, that's right, they're not going to do that for about twenty years. That would make me . . . older than I want to be. Reason for this? Our friends and neighbors in the UN want to give Saddam more time to disarm. Of course, while the UN dithers, Saddam is busy in his underground labs that he has under almost every hospital, school and clinic in the country, making more chemical and biological weapons. And he's also busy in the desert, setting mines as little Welcome Wagon presents for US troops. So, when we invade Iraq, more troops will be killed than needed to be (or would have been if we had invaded Iraq months ago and splattered Saddam across the landscape, like we should have done!).

I'm not sure if the previous sentence made any sense or not. I've been pissed at the UN for a while now, and it's not getting any better. Now Hans Blix says that the inspection teams have found unmanned drones in Saddam's arsenal, but Mr. Blix says that these unmanned drones (which Saddam is NOT supposed to have) do not constitute a "smoking gun". I wonder if it would constitute a smoking gun if we were to cram one of those drones up Mr. Blix's ass sideways. Oops, we can't do that . . . his head's in the way.

Sure sign that we're going to be fighting real soon; the hospital support group left North Carolina today headed for Kuwait. According to the news report, they can have a 400 bed field hospital set up and running within 48 hours. They obviously don't work for Blue Cross/Blue Shield; nobody moves that fast if they work for them. You've gotta admire the, for lack of a better term, gung-ho-ness of our men and women in the Middle East.

It's getting late, and my brain is letting me know that the synapses are failing fast. I'll continue my hobby later. Good night, all. 
Friday, March 07, 2003
  ET: Ahem. I feel I must apologize in advance for the ravings of the person in whose head I reside. You must understand, he's had a very trying day, both at work and at home. Then he made the mistake of watching the news during lunch and when he got home this evening. I hereby relinquish control and am going to try to find a nice, quiet place to hide until sometime tomorrow.

That does it! I know I promised to stay away from the political stuff here, but I can't stand it any more. The United Nitwits want to give Saddam another week or so to comply with the disarmament agreement. HELLO!!!!! EARTH TO STUPID PEOPLE!!! He's already HAD twelve friggin' years to comply! What is WRONG with you people??? What does the man have to do, nuke France? (Now there's an idea. . .) He gasses his own people, shoots anyone who disagrees with him, shoots members of his own family if they piss him off, and is basically flipping off the entire planet. Now the cheese-eating surrender monkeys, and our (former) friend Russia and a couple of other numbnut nations want to give him more time to destroy his weapons of mass destruction. I'm so mad right now I could spit nails.

I probably wouldn't be this pissed off, but I spent a little time today reading a couple of essays at Bill Whittle's site. I stumbled across it while visiting Cold Fury for my dose of invective (I love getting my mellow harshed, and he's so good at it, plus he's practically a neighbor). If you haven't read Mr. Whittle's essays, I recommend that you head over there NOW -- do not pass Go, do not collect $200. Not only will you find well-written material, you will find out what a true patriot is. I salute you, Mr. Whittle, and wish that I had a fraction of your talent.

That's better. It took my mind off of the news of today, where once again the "free world" (quotes deliberate) bowed down and kissed Saddam's ass. Why don't we just tell the bastard to go ahead and do whateverthehell he wants to do; he's going to anyway, and no one is raising a hand to stop him. Okay, I sound like a warmonger. Sue me, I work for lawyers.

In another attempt to calm down. . . Went over to Stephen den Beste's site today for a bit. I like den Beste's essays for the most part. Stephen comes across as a well educated man who got where he did through hard work and knowledge. When you go to his site, go prepared to be educated; the man's knowledge of the history of warfare is downright scary.

On a lighter note, let's show our support for our country and our disdain for our "friend" France by putting one of these (courtesy of Bigwig and company) on your bumper, your briefcase, your PC case, or wherever the mood strikes you. I personally think it's funny as hell, although I personally would rather do to France what France likes to do to us (hint: it has something to do with hraka). I prefer to think that I have more class than that, but hey, what do I know? I'm just a little ole' redneck from North Carolina.

I feel better now that I've had a chance to rant a little bit. I may actually have time in the next day or so to do a little blogging. No promises, so don't get your hopes up, either one of you. (Hi, Bigwig!)

ET: Bigwig? Zod, are you there? Help! 
Wednesday, March 05, 2003
  This is absolutely freaking ridiculous. I sit down in front of the computer to compose a blog and think, "Let me go check out some of my favorite bloggers first." Three hours later (hey, a three hour tour! Damn, now I've got that song running through my head again), it's time to hit the sack and I didn't blog crap.

ET: Guess you should be a little more disciplined, eh?
If you say so.
ET: No argument?
I'm tired, dammit.
ET: You must really be exhausted if you're not up to arguing.
You're the one in there, you tell me, I think my brain cells are shutting down.
ET: If they are, I can't te.........
Hey, it worked! 
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