Friday, March 07, 2003
  ET: Ahem. I feel I must apologize in advance for the ravings of the person in whose head I reside. You must understand, he's had a very trying day, both at work and at home. Then he made the mistake of watching the news during lunch and when he got home this evening. I hereby relinquish control and am going to try to find a nice, quiet place to hide until sometime tomorrow.

That does it! I know I promised to stay away from the political stuff here, but I can't stand it any more. The United Nitwits want to give Saddam another week or so to comply with the disarmament agreement. HELLO!!!!! EARTH TO STUPID PEOPLE!!! He's already HAD twelve friggin' years to comply! What is WRONG with you people??? What does the man have to do, nuke France? (Now there's an idea. . .) He gasses his own people, shoots anyone who disagrees with him, shoots members of his own family if they piss him off, and is basically flipping off the entire planet. Now the cheese-eating surrender monkeys, and our (former) friend Russia and a couple of other numbnut nations want to give him more time to destroy his weapons of mass destruction. I'm so mad right now I could spit nails.

I probably wouldn't be this pissed off, but I spent a little time today reading a couple of essays at Bill Whittle's site. I stumbled across it while visiting Cold Fury for my dose of invective (I love getting my mellow harshed, and he's so good at it, plus he's practically a neighbor). If you haven't read Mr. Whittle's essays, I recommend that you head over there NOW -- do not pass Go, do not collect $200. Not only will you find well-written material, you will find out what a true patriot is. I salute you, Mr. Whittle, and wish that I had a fraction of your talent.

That's better. It took my mind off of the news of today, where once again the "free world" (quotes deliberate) bowed down and kissed Saddam's ass. Why don't we just tell the bastard to go ahead and do whateverthehell he wants to do; he's going to anyway, and no one is raising a hand to stop him. Okay, I sound like a warmonger. Sue me, I work for lawyers.

In another attempt to calm down. . . Went over to Stephen den Beste's site today for a bit. I like den Beste's essays for the most part. Stephen comes across as a well educated man who got where he did through hard work and knowledge. When you go to his site, go prepared to be educated; the man's knowledge of the history of warfare is downright scary.

On a lighter note, let's show our support for our country and our disdain for our "friend" France by putting one of these (courtesy of Bigwig and company) on your bumper, your briefcase, your PC case, or wherever the mood strikes you. I personally think it's funny as hell, although I personally would rather do to France what France likes to do to us (hint: it has something to do with hraka). I prefer to think that I have more class than that, but hey, what do I know? I'm just a little ole' redneck from North Carolina.

I feel better now that I've had a chance to rant a little bit. I may actually have time in the next day or so to do a little blogging. No promises, so don't get your hopes up, either one of you. (Hi, Bigwig!)

ET: Bigwig? Zod, are you there? Help! 
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